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Better Door Engineering cater for the building and industrial market in any roller shutter doors. We stock spares and also maintain roller shutter doors.

We provide a 24 hour breakdown service in electrical and mechanical problems


Our mission are to maximize our customers productivity by giving them round the clock service and excellent quality products at very competitive prices.


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Better Door Engineering is where you will find service and quality you deserve.
We specialize in old roller shutter doors as well as servicing and repairing old shafts.  We also specialize in domestic and industrial doors. We do standard size doors or we can make a door to your satisfaction.

Information to be supplied when ordering
  • Width opening between jambs.
  • Height of opening from floor to underside lintel.
  • Nature of building (brick, concrete, steel , etc)
  • Nature and construction of lintel.
  • Thickness and construction of wails, or steel framing in the case of steel buildings.
  • Whether doors are to be fitted inside, outside or within the opening .
  • Clear headroom and clearance or right and left sides of the openings
  • Side on which operating mechanism is preferred (left-hand side or right-hand side, viewed from the inside looking out),
  • Whether wicket doors are required and preferred handling, remembering that these should be opposite to the
    operating mechanism.
  • If gear operated, whether the gear box is to be operated from inside or outside the building.
  • Preferred type of operation and electrical supply data in case of electrical operation.
  • Preferred locking arrangements (inside or outside) on push-up doors.
  • Any other special requirements such as galvanishing, end locks to prevent lateral movement of slats, wind locks
    where high wind pressures are able to be resisted, special painting finishes, detachable gear drive shafts if
    necessary, erection instructions when the buyer intends undertaking this work, packing instructions for transport, etc.
  • A sketch of drawing from the opening layout showing plan, section and elevation where a particular opening may
    present unusual problems. A door opening at, or near, a corner or close to protruding nib, may require special attention.

Methods of Operation

Push-up type
  • This type is suitable for relatively small openings whereby a mechanical or electrical mechanism is not necessary to operate the Roller Shutter Door.
Chain Type
  • Doors of up to 24 square meters are operated by an endless-chain wheel through a reduction spurgear
    fitted to the helical coil spring barrel.
Gear operation
  • By means of preference, a gearbox can be fitted in place of chain operator.
Electrical operated
  • At basement parking, high risk security areas, doors that are constantly operated through the day at irregular intervals an electrical operator is recommended.

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